What are the best emerging jobs in this decade?

What are the best emerging jobs in this decade?

Last year (2020) has been very tough for every human being on this planet. We entered the new decade with the very worst ending of 2020. many lost their job and many lost their life. It has made people rethink their choices and what is important for their life? It has majorly hit the workforce, freshers, and the people who lost their jobs.it has taught us many new chapters of life, but the most important one is that we should be prepared always like whatever life throws on us.

According to many researchers and industry experts, people should choose professions according to market needs. Due to this crisis, there are emerging careers that are going to be in demand for the future.

The modern era has transformed many professions that used to exist have perished. As India is also changing, it sees many emerging and fastest-growing careers due to modern age demand. According to the survey, Indian employment is around 12 million which means Our country adds that many people every year. Further, as we all know that automation is taking over humans so to keep up humans are competing with them.

To answer “which is the fastest-growing career in India?” or” what are the best emerging jobs in this decade?” we would like to take help of some research done by some professional platforms, by our researchers and give you the list of best demanding jobs of future or emerging jobs in India.

According to LinkedIn and the World Economic Forum, they have sought to find the top 15 jobs for the future world. LinkedIn claims that India is among the top countries to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence skills. Among the non-technical field, digital marketing is the most sought career in the world.

The world is witnessing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore industries are ramping up in investment in blockchain and have started taking cryptocurrencies as transaction money. We all know that Elon Musk-led Tesla Inc. was in the news over cryptocurrency transactions. Since, we discussed Tesla Inc. we know that automation becomes reality across industries, The AI specialist and automation engineers are in huge demand.

Here, we are giving the top 8 best emerging careers in the world and so in India.

Top 8 emerging jobs in this decade-

1. Robotics and Automation Engineers-this is a growing industry in the world. As many industries are focusing to automate many of their operations, manufacturing processes, and management, the demand has been increased. It has very vast application in many industries such as finance, manufacturing, health, agriculture, defense, etc. Industries are implementing automation to increase production, to sustain the competitiveness of their product. These are embedded software which when given to machines they turn into automatic machines. To develop such machines, robotic and automation engineers' demand has increased.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning­- the demand for AI & ML professionals has increased up to 74% in the last five years. They are in huge demand, it’s increasing continuously. Demand is huge just because of the shortage of skilled professionals and its very wide application, including finance, health, medicine, education, automobile, manufacturing, etc. According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, AI and ML are among the top emerging careers in India. India holds the top position in AI & ML roles and only below few countries. Further, according to a PWC survey, the Indian economy and cybersecurity can be improved by such professions.

3.Full Stack Developer or engineering- they are very diverse professionals as they are software engineers from computer science. They handle everything like-from database to clients, servers and they are responsible for software development as well as frontend & backend development of web applications. Survey reveals that hiring for full-stack developers has increased since 2015 up to 40%.

4.Data Scientist- Here, comes to most discussed and emerging job across the globe and thus in India. to use the data of customers effectively company hires data science engineers. India is in the second position in hiring data science engineers because of its huge economy and market. Data science professionals work across all industries including e-commerce, start-ups, automobile industry, FMCG industries, agriculture, etc. without data science study artificial intelligence is incomplete. To develop machines based on AI & ML requires them to be given data-driven decision-making intelligence and here data scientists play an important role. As this is an emerging career, growing rapidly so, this is the best time to develop this skill.

5.Digital Marketer- Do you wonder why there are ads on your phone or when you search something on google and the very next moment you start getting information related to your last search. This is all part of digital marketing. This sector is booming and growing at a 25-30% annual rate in India. Covid-19 brought everything to a halt, everything shifted to online and give a blow to every business to set their digital platform to connect with their customers. India reached 323 million internet users by 2020 and is expected to reach 900 million by 2025. So, this can be the best option to opt for if you have an entrepreneurial mind.

6. Site Reliability Engineer- this profession ensures better and smooth functioning of operational and website development processes. The purpose is to develop reliable software by resolving operational and physical challenges or infrastructure challenges in the software. Site reliability engineer demand will increase as the world adopts technologies.

7.Cyber Security Expert-As our society becomes digital mature, the threat of data leaks and hacks are increasing. We have seen many such cases of cybercrime in which data of million customers were on sale. Many organizations even government bodies all over the world rely on cybersecurity experts to prevent such malicious elements. Cybersecurity experts ensure privacy, security against any theft and malware. They assist organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity implementation so they can tackle hackers and malware.

8.Behavioral health technician- Recent times affected the mental well-being of people, this job specializes in providing care for mental health, disorders related to behavior, autism. This field doesn’t require any specific degree but psychiatrists are the most suitable professional for this. Further, if someone has good knowledge and experience of psychological disorder or human psychology are the most suitable for this profession.

Choosing the right career is a challenging task. But if you are aware of market trends and technologies yet to come will give you some maturity in choosing the right path. Moreover, your very own interest in any specific field will give you more insight into deciding what is good for you. We hope that you liked this blog

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